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Forever The Clown

NOT by Salman Rushdie

27 October 1989
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I am here to supposedly talk about me, but I don’t really know what to talk about...
Variably confused and perpetually tuned out I live half-way in the 60's and then in my own dream world. I don’t do drugs regardless of what I look like but I'm still plenty stoned and/or senseless most of the time. My vegetation is blue and coarse and I call it Pinkie for one reason or another which I can’t quite recall. I really like connecting my head with walls in a forceful manner because of the exquisite pain and satisfaction I derive from it.It also clears my vision of the swirling colors which go through my head. These colors are always moving and that is good because if they stood still long enough, I’d probably start looking interested in something, which I may be, but you'll never know. My monkey is a nephew or so I am inclined to think because certain words are to that effect. Unfortunately words are not very effective unless used in the right manner. I like ice cream and spread it all over my face to prevent recognition because on recognizing me people either run away in fright or threaten to turn me in.
"Oink" is a very important part of my life. Anything I oink at is something I oinked at and probably something you should oink at...or maybe not...because that’s none of my business and I shouldn't make it mine but I'm thinking you already know that. I don’t usually like sleeping and when I do I prefer not sleeping alone, but I don’t have too many choices so I take sleeping pills.
I am the most devilishly smarmy bloke you'll probably never ever meet which is why you should eat as much chocolate as you can because it’s good for you. Eggs are good for you too.
I think that Pink is not a statement, black is, so start blackening your face in public and people will notice you. It’s a good way to get into the newspapers and become famous as long as you can convince everyone that it IS you under all the blackness, this way you don’t even have to attend the Page 3 dos.
I am considered partially insane or mentally divergent if you like. It is due to a mild polar disorder mixed in generous proportions with a multiple split personality disorder which is probably why I don’t enjoy metal of any kind. I am a non-metal and I prefer the older ones to the new because I'm just as sexy as George Clooney without his apparent sexiness or something to that effect.
I am a decadent product 60's and 70's pop culture, early Bohemianism and French Aristocracy so I believe in eating cake.

And if you really thought that this was a good way to pass your time, you were seriously deluded because while you were reading, I killed your bunnies, stole your love (whoever he/she is) and took all your money.
And if you didn’t have any of those,
Good Day.