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Ah. Horrid World.

It is sick and has malaria. It is me.

It should not even be typing right now, but its mother is outside with its pack. It is wanting food but is too lazy to get it. It wants people who will work for it. The IT needs you.

Btw, 'It' was a tv series by, I think, Stephen King and was re-made for Indian audiences in the form of 'Woh' on Zee TV. When you were a kid, 'Woh' was scary.

Also, Malaria is the name of a town from the movie 'Igor'which is brilliant if you like the kind of 'black and white horror stuff' references that it shows. And there is some brilliant voice acting on the behalf of the really funky Eddie Izzard.

If you haven't hazarded Izzard. you haven't lived :-|

I have now started coming up with really bad one liners, not that they were good before, but they are very very bad these days. And I have realized that I have a very flowery manner of interacting with people whom I am not at that particular moment insulting. Basically now, they can insult me back and have a lot of fun, if they see me talking to people who I am not at that particular moment insulting.

That is about it.