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Let us call this Genesis.

I live in a cage.

In the beginning, there was only wind and thunder and barren land around me.

I live in a cage.

There is nothing. I don’t know where I stay. I can walk from a point to the other and reach no further. There is nothing around, above or below. It is all empty. I stand at the edge. The landscape is soft. Light surrounds me and all that I can see. There is no darkness.

I see nothing.

I was really bored when I wrote this 'piece'. Horrible projects are destroying my life. :(



Excuse Pliss.

I live in a cage too. It just looks different from yours. And hey, actually, I think everybody does. And the depressing thing is when you get out of it, you think you're free but you get into another one instead.
Ho. Ho. Ho.

How manic depressive am I?

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