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Certain Awesome Videos To Watch

The first ones by this guy on youtube who calls himself 'chalkdrinker'.

He's done two videos of Linus from the comic strip 'Peanuts' singing songs by The Police. They are awesome!

I suggest you watch the first one in high quality mode if you can, because the video quality is a bit hazy. But the video in itself is amazing.

This is the second video and it is pretty awesome too.

The above video is a Michael Jackson cover done by this troupe called The Market Street Stage Kids before performing their play called "Alice and the (Poly Cotton White Blend Velour) Rabbit in Wonderland".

This one is pretty okay. Not amazing, a literal video of Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.

Funny funny funny and literal too.

My favourite!

This last one is evil and bad and yet hilariously funny. For reference, watch the "How Can She Slap" clip on youtube. Note, though, use of dirty language.

Okay, bye bye!