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Another good-bye

Jethro Tull has a song named 'Pussy Willow'

It is so hilarious.

Google destroys the fun of things like these, I googled pussy willow and it turned out that the term is pretty common and actually refers to some *furry flower*.

The song is also a lot of fun.

John Hughes, is gone. He wrote movies that were possibly some of the best movies I watched as a kid. Home Alone and Weird Science and Dennis The Menace and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. They were good movies, not much evil in them.

There was this feeling. I don't know, that made them so attractive. It is like watching the Lion King, sort of. You know somehow, everything ends up going good by the time the end comes. You know, that Kevin's mom will come back somehow, and the the sticky/wet thieves will not be able to execute their plan. And that Steve Martin will somehow reach home for Thanksgiving even if Del Griffith screws up a little. And that Robin Williams will get married even if he is a little absent-minded, though a genius. And the dalmatians will mostly reach home and Cruella will SUFFER. And there will be a miracle and little Susan won't be sad.

You'd know it is going to end that way, but you'd still be excited and your heart would still race and you'd still think "what next" and laugh when the protagonists laugh and feel happy and when they meet their parents again and scared/full of hatred or whatever when the bad guys are winning. It was ultra-fun watching those movies.

And the characters used to be so well written and nice. I mean Glenn Close was possibly one of the scariest villains I ever saw. And George Mathau was pretty killer as Mr. George Wilson.

Only recently I saw this really awesome movie called 'Ferris Beuller's Day Off' and I loved it. It was possibly one of Matthew Broderick's best acted roles. And I wonder if we will ever have another writer-director like Hughes ever again.

Judd Apatow comes pretty close, but those movies aren't exactly 'family' movies and after Home Alone and Beethoven and a couple of others, I don't think there are any 'family' movies that hold up to the level the Hughes movies did.

So screw you, imdb critics who rate these movies really low, and screw you art-house fans who think they are vapid. For a child who grew up watching these movies, they mean a lot and will always do so.

R.I.P John Hughes.