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Net Worth

After the extremely witty title, we proceed to the argument at hand. Internet is killing knowledge and all of that.

Twitter reduces an issue to 140 words, brevity is brilliant, but a status update cannot explain the magnanimity of situations. My facebook or twitter status can do nothing to feed a million people in Sudan or Ethiopia or India or anywhere.

A blog isn't of much help either.

The internet is a place for fun, learning but not activism. It is a medium. Not a very serious one, I think.

Things gain undue importance over the internet. Trivial things like Paris Hilton exist because of the internet.

The world can be helped by making people aware. But considerations need to be taken.

The background of an issue cannot be highlighted. Sides are still taken. And in the end only the majority is right. It is not a just system. The 'opinion-takers', the ones who post earliest, become the right minds or whatever.

It doesn't make sense.



*looks around frantically for a button called like*

Ok I agree with you this point. I mean who wants to get updates from a system which records people's bowel movements every minute of the day.

I still go back to newspaper, when I want to catch up with news. I mean who wants to be bombarded with someone else's views about issues, someone else's song choice, someone else's movie reviews.

*The 'opinion-takers', the ones who post earliest, become the right minds or whatever.*

Let chaos rule.




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